Kiwi Outsourcing

About Us

We are confident that no-one does outsourcing solutions for New Zealand businesses like we do.

Talent Sourcing

We have multiple hubs in South Asia allowing us to find talent quickly. We complete comprehensive background and reference checks on all employees before they begin employment. We also have experienced, specialised talent ready on stand-by from various countries should the need arise.


We ensure all data securities measures are taken when it comes to outsourcing. We do our utmost to safeguard your business information. This is done by comprehensive employment agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements & Non-Compete Agreements. We have sophisticated monitoring systems which assure productivity. We also ensure that we have a strong personal relationship with all our team members which allows us to maximise trust.

Hassle-Free Paperwork

We’ve partnered with a large employment firm, and their team of lawyers to ensure everything meets NZ’s outsourcing regulations. We would provide you with a partnership agreement that covers every detail. From a client’s perspective, we invoice weekly, and the rest is taken care of by us. We look after everything employee related.

Our Experience

Our leaders, business development managers, and trainers have vast experience in the sales and outsourcing industry. Using combined knowledge and feedback from our existing clients, we work tirelessly to provide maximum value to your business.

This gives us the confidence to thrive in all four sectors- Sales, Customer Care, Admin, and Digital Marketing.

We Value Ethics

Our team members are our biggest strength. For this reason, we make sure we pay a fair salary to all our workers. We provide them with all the resources they need to conduct the role, such as laptops and free internet. We also conduct routine health checks with all employees to ensure they are satisfied within the role to ensure long tenure