Kiwi Outsourcing


Save up to 80% on business costs whilst retaining the same level of quality and productivity.


We provide both inbound and outbound sales solutions. Our leaders have vast experience and thus understand the art of cold-calling and lead generation. We focus on up-skilling our sales representatives in 2 ways. First, teaching them how to build rapport with customers, as the initial stages of the connection is most critical. Second, understanding your company’s product so well thus ensuring everything is done by the books.

Customer Service

We provide dedicated customer care call-centre support. Our team members can also support in live-chat, and email-support. We conduct comprehensive technical training on our team members to ensure they can reliably answer customer queries. We work with our clients to ensure customer retention and loyalty.


From virtual assistants, to data-entry, and operations support - we have it all covered. Our experience and dedicated team can take away the mundane tasks so you can focus on growing your business. We even have appointment setters! Whatever your admin need maybe, we are confident we have it covered.

Digital Marketing

From creating and managing your company website, to online advertising and marketing - we have experienced team members ready to help your business succeed. Our team can assist with content writing which targets the audience your company is catering to.